General: How to update my profile?

1. Click on profile button

By default the website will generate a profile picture when you create an account, so on the top right, click on that image.

Click on profile button

2. Click on Profile

Click on Profile

3. Default profile

Before we change anything, this is how a fresh profile on BloggersHood looks like.

Default profile

4. Update profile picture

Let's try to update my profile picture by clicking on the edit icon above the image.

Update profile picture

5. Upload new image

Upload new image

6. Click on save

Click on save

7. Profile picture has been changed.

Now, we have a new profile image, let's try to update another field on my profile.

Profile picture has been changed.

8. Edit the username

We do the same with the username, we click on the edit icon.

Edit the username

9. Type "JohnDoe"

Type "JohnDoe"

10. Click on save

Click on save

11. Edit the bio

By default the profile bio is empty, so let's update it.

Edit the bio

12. Type a

Type a

13. Click on save

Click on save

14. Result.

Now, we have an updated profile.


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