General: How to create a new post?

1. Go to your dashboard

In order to add, edit or delete post, you need to access your dashboard.

2. Click on profile icon

Click on profile icon

3. Click on Dashboard

Click on Dashboard

4. Add a category

Posts has to be organized, so we need to make sure that we have one category at least.

Add a category

5. Click on Category

Click on Category

6. Fill in the form

Here you have to choose the title of your posts category, a brief description and a small-sized image.

Fill in the form

7. Click on Create

Click on Create

8. All the categories

Once you create a new category, you'll get redirected to a page where you can edit, update and delete categories.

All the categories

9. Add a new post

Once we have a category, we click on the plus icon the top right.

Add a new post

10. Write your post

In this form, you'll have all the required fields for creating a post.

Write your post

11. Featured or draft

You can save the post as draft to edit later or mark it as featured so visitors might see it on the side bar of your blog.

Featured or draft

12. Click on save

Click on save

13. Result

Once you save that form, you'll get redirected to the post detail page.

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